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TalkSnowboarding is an established community and news site. Launched in 2010 the site is monitised and ranks well in search engines. The site is offered for sale as a whole: including domain name, design and content. For more details and to register your interest contact our sole broker.

TalkSnowboarding is one of a number of websites in the talk network which is currently for sale.


Welcome to TalkSnowboarding

Welcome to Talk Snowboarding - the new home of Snowboarding on the web. The site is currently under development but we are proud to say that the guide to Snowboarding is up and available.

Snowboarding is a booming sport and Rosie Langford takes you through all the ins and outs that you might want to know. From the different types of snowboards to how to get started and what to wear, she has you covered.

Equipment & Techniques

Unsurprisingly one of the most important thing you'll need is a good snowboard. We speak about the differences each one has and the type of stance you'll need to perfect your skills.

Snowboarding has its own language so if you don't know Gaffer from your Pow Pow then maybe you should check out that section of our guide.

If you are in the UK and are keen to learn then check out our getting started in the UK section of the guide - which will hopefully point you in the right direction.


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Boarding on the Thames

I just discovered this blog, I find it funny and give and insight into what the guys in a snowboard shop really get up to, very interesting

GB Snowboarders off to Flying Start

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Snowboard mnt guide

Finally a snowboard only guide service

Welcome to TalkSnowboarding

Welcome to the TalkSnowboarding Blog Here you’ll be able to submit articles to us that you’ve found interesting and think that fellow enthusiasts will enjoy. Just click on the ‘Submit a blog post to us’ link in the top right hand corner and fill out the form and we’ll review it here at [read more]